PC Insiders Report Holiday 2022 – The Living Page

The PC Insiders Report has marked the beginning of the holiday season for Canadians since 1983. Last year’s edition used 3D hologram technology and in-store sampling to bring the report out of the book and onto the actual world. The holidays aren’t something you experience on paper; for Canadians, it’s a time of real-life experiences. PC Insiders Report Holiday 2022 – The Living Page by CitizenXM tied for the top spot in the category of tr Best Technical Support for an Event (IRL or Virtual) and WON Best Experiential Marketing Event at the 2022 Canadian Event Awards.

CitizenXM helped bring the pages of the PC Insiders Report to life by executing an in-store event that travelled to three key markets across Canada. A large-scale replica of the Insiders Report book was created, complete with a built-in sampling station and a new hologram technology – the first telepresence hologram in Canada.

The use of hologram technology allowed consumers to interact with the report through holographic videos featuring guest editors and PC Chefs showcasing their own recipes and tips to get through the Holidays. The hologram videos played in rotation, engaging customers in conversation and highlighting the versatility of The PC Insiders Report Must-Try products – bringing to life the content they would find in the pages of the report. When the activation was not in operation, 3D rotating images of the eight Must-Try products were displayed on the hologram screen.

To further leverage the full capabilities of the telepresence technology and bring the report “to life” literally, on weekends, a “live” chef was added to the hologram engagement. During the store’s busiest time, a chef (located in an offsite broadcast studio in Toronto) was tele-projected via hologram to the store and surprised customers as he engaged with them one-to-one. Customers were able to speak to the hologram projection of the chef and ask questions regarding the products and their holiday prep which he responded to in real-time.

Each engagement element worked cohesively to tell the PC Insiders Report holiday edition story from hologram videos and products to sample food, live chef interactions and the visual display.

Congrats to everyone who helped make this event a great success. We can’t wait to see what Citizen XM creates next. For interest, the Canadian Event Awards is scheduled for May 3 2023, in Toronto on the last night of  CSE Live 2023. Canada’s Event for Event Professionals. More information can be found here.