Please Be Seated

This collection of stunning seating options should offer loads of design ideas. We are not suggesting you design your entire event around a chair but then again… these are also beautiful and creative you never know what might inspire you.

By Stacy Wyatt

Classic Baroque

This big baroque style armchair is a classic rental piece that can be ordered in a multitude of colors, patterns and fabrics and fits into just about any type of event design. It is like those perfect heels, they just go with everything. Ask your local event rental company about availability.

Infinity & Beyond

This stylish and versatile chair makes a gorgeous addition to any event. It comes in a variety of patterns and shades to accent almost any design. These are available for shipping to almost anywhere in Canada from most major cities. 

Elegant Daisy Chair

Meet the Trimble Chair with a digitally printed Gerber daisy pattern on Opusuede fabric. This stunning design is ideal for the head table, bride and groom’s table or a luxury private dinner.

Even The Little Ones Deserve a Good Seat

lBumbo Booster Seat is for the most important bum in the room; your baby’s or your guest’s baby. Hey, the kids gotta eat right? Comes in coral red, baby blue, soft grey, and lime and includes a three-point safety harness.
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Just Hanging Around

Who doesn’t love to swing? Now your dinner guests can enjoy it too with this funky trend in hanging furniture. What a playful way to add a unique and modern touch to any event space. Both tables and seating can be varied architecturally, making them suitable for many environments. They can be hung from different structures, including trees and ceiling beams. This design works great not only in event spaces, but also in your home or workspace. We found these at Reserve Modern Event Rentals in MA but we are sure you can find them in Canada.

Ceppellini Peacock Chair

Designer Dror Benshetrit (Studio Dror) crafted this chair for the Italian label, Cappellini. Clearly, it is not within budget for most events but for inspiration sake, we think you can easily build an entire look around this piece of art. Plus, apparently, it gives the full comfort of a lounge chair without ruffling even a goose feather.

Reverb Wire Chair

The Reverb Wire Chair designed by Brodie Neill. The piece is an ethereal chair that plays with the relationship between volumetric presence and structural lightness. Imagine what you can create with this at the center of your vision board?

The Egg Chair

You can rent this in Canada.  It comes in Red, Fuchsia and Orange. In 1958 the inventor of the Egg Chair, Arne Jacobsen, came out with this incredible design. I love this chair.

The Masters Chairs

Replicating the famous Philippe Starck Masters chair, this is a perfect event staple. It is strong, can be used in any weather and yet is cool, sophisticated and savvy. We found it in black and grey at several Canadian event rental agencies.

White Globe Bench

This line of specialty furniture offers unique soft seating in bold colours and fabrics which can be mixed and matched to create virtually any design you can imagine. The pieces are totally vogue and the possibilities are endless. 

The Orange Flower Chair

How fabulous is this bright bold orange chair? Imagine the themes you can build around furniture like this? From Alice in Wonderland to Mad Hatters Ball to Imaginarium to a spring fling…. Obsessed with the bright, intense colour!

Want more info? Message me @stacywyatt.eventgirl and I will send you the contacts to rent most of these chairs.