Quest Audio Visual’s Staging Spectacular

When developing the stage and set for the National Sales Conference, Quest Audio Visual had a lot to consider. The size and scope of the venue, the impact the client was looking for, and the direction to make it creative and unique from previous conferences.

The result of months of planning meetings with their team, contractors, and the client was a spectacular construct with intricate design and the creative wow everyone was looking for. Here is their story.

Quest created a 40′ wide stage at the front with a 56′ wide backstage. The depth at the front was 16′ visible to the audience, with an additional 12′ of depth backstage. The depth of the stage allowed for a multi-layered set and ample space not just for the speakers during the presentation and performance but also the necessary footprint backstage for the speakers to prepare.

The backstage included a greenroom created with draping, featuring LCD monitors, lounge furniture, and prep areas. The set design, which extended the width of the stage on either side, incorporated multiple surfaces, including 2,14′ high and 38’long 3.9mm ROE LED Visual walls, hung upside down to form a V with the content displayed within the surface area. These LED walls were supported on two 48′ long truss lines.

Placed amongst the LED wall on the floor were not included 24 free-standing light towers ranging from 2′- to 12′ tall, offering additional surface space for projection. The V design and light towers set created a unique and one-of-a-kind set, which worked Wonderfully for visual presentations during the conference sessions and light displays for the evening social events.

The set on stage featured two 12’wide by 2’tall, 2.8mm ROE LED Visual walls creating a V. In behind the 2.8mm LED wall on the stage, the backdrop was made up of a 36′ wide and 14’tall curved spandex Chorus eXtension concepts sails. This created great visual interest and added a three-dimensional impact to the stage. It also allowed for an interesting entrance for the speakers to enter and exit the stage.

The 2.8mm wall on stage was used mainly due to the camera-friendly quality avoiding lines when projecting the speaker image on the larger screens. The unique pyramid design of their LED walls provided the opportunity to utilize custom content, along with the ability to either showcase a speaker’s presentation or a video feed of them on stage for attendees to view.

To connect the content and make the presentations visually interesting and seamless across the multiple surfaces, they used four duel output Pandora’s Boxes. This allowed for custom content to be utilized to accommodate the theme or highlight the brand of each presenter throughout the conference.

At the forefront of the main stage, they used an LCD podium for presenters to address the delegates. This LCD podium allowed for custom branding, primarily displaying the theme of the conference, “Get Connected,” and allowed for customized content for the sponsors over the course of the three days.

Changes to the stage occurred periodically to accommodate the structure of the conference. This includes a complete flip of the conference set up to the party set up where Quest provided a full backline for a band and set up for the DJ.

They then installed a 54′ long truss line in front of the stage to support all the necessary stage lighting, including 6 Elation Platinum HFX Hybrid moving lights,4 Micro LED Phantom 324W wash moving lights, 8 Chauvet Maverick MK1 LED moving spotlights along 60 additional LED Elation Sixpar and Chauvet Ovation spotlights. An additional 16′ truss line was hoisted on the stage above the set to support additional lighting for the stage.

The entire event was made possible by an outstanding team of hard-working, dedicated, and talented staff who worked tirelessly for six days straight to pull this all together.

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