Robot Bartenders


Robot Bartenders? This may conjure up images of C-3PO’s smiling face slinging drinks telling jokes and advice to the weary. We are not quite there yet but bartenders can be found serving guests as we speak.

Last year’s huge mixology trends have taken a step forward with the of the new generation of bar tenders. Now your guests can order custom cocktails from their phone with Somabar, a Wi-Fi connected robot bartender that builds your custom cocktails in about five minutes.

Guests can have fun ordering perfect drinks with the touch of finger. Think it is kitschy? Think about where Kureg started five years ago?

The process is simple. Using tequila, vodka, gin or whisky, the appliance mixes and infuses in just seconds to create the perfect cocktail every time, all from your smart phone. While it may seem a bit gimmicky it’s a great way of quench larger crowds while giving them something to talk about.

In the future releases, guests will be able to create their very own personal custom cocktail using hints from the apps and their own personal tastes for a truly unique drinking experience.