Roxy Earle’s White Hot Birthday Bash

How do you throw a party for a woman who has everything? If you are Craig Gruzd, Creative Director at DT Floral & Decor, you just ask her the question and then sit back and let her guide your inspiration. And that’s exactly what he did to find the creative direction to design one of the prettiest events of the season: a 34th birthday party for Roxy Earle, one of the stars from the hit show The Real Housewives of Toronto.

She loves flowers and summer, and she is obsessed with white drapery”. And that was where the creative evolution of this stunning event design began.



Craig developed a plan to incorporate the hotel’s striking aesthetic with white as far as the eye could see, complemented by clear glass and Lucite to avoid taking away anything from the clean lines and the impact of the pure white design.


Mirror tiles and silver goblets added to the shimmer of the tables and gave Roxy that “sparkle” she is known for. To make this beautiful room even more impactful, giving Roxy what she dreamed of a summer white garden. Flowers were everywhere. They were on the tables, standing tall on clear glass tubes around the room, even hanging above guests’ heads. Every rose used on the tabletops was a garden rose, creating a blissful garden scent in the air the second guests walked in.



From a logistical perspective, the event was full of challenges, including insane move-in timelines due to a booking right before and limited elevator space, as guest elevators were used to move everything in for this event due to its location on the 15th-floor penthouse.

Working with traditional hotel suite ceilings, the height restriction encouraged Craig to be creative in hanging the flowers from the ceiling. Just like any celebrity affair, the growing guest list was another concern. With the venue already booked, more and more friends were added in addition to the decor, media and film crew documenting the event for her upcoming TV spin-off Luxurious Roxy’s World.


Fortunately, Craig and his team worked with One King West’s in-house Wedding Specialist, Angela De Buono, to ensure guests felt 100% comfortable as they worked to build the event around them. Before and during the dinner segment of the night, guests were entertained by Sole Power Productions’ musical line-up combined of a solo singer and guitarist along with a roaming electric violinist, both working with DJ Jason Baum to ensure all acts flowed in and out of the limelight effortlessly.


A custom menu was prepared, all complimentary of One King West in-house catering. Executive Chef Joe Grado imagined the menu with Roxy’s creative inspiration, and the result was utterly breathtaking in presentation and flavour.



Guests were served a three-course meal, starting with the beautifully plated trio of beet salad frisee with golden, red and candy cane beets complemented with goat cheese. The second course entailed a tuna tartar with avocado followed by the entrée, a duo of 5oz. beef tenderloin and lobster tail served with Errazuriz Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva red wine reduction alongside drawn garlic butter served with summer succotash of spring peas & risotto.



An option of Trapiche Malbec red wine and One King West’s white house wine pinot grigio complimented the dishes. Giving in to guilty pleasures, dessert concluded dinner with a golden chocolate mousse cake with hazelnuts and raspberries, offering a sweet ending to the night.

“Roxy’s menu was inspired by her many travels; we married exotic flavours and textures in order to create signature dishes that mirror her vivacious and joie de vivre personality”. Chef Joe Grado, One King West Hotel & Residence


Venue: Fifteen Hundred at One King West Hotel & Residence;
Catering: One King West, Chef Joe Grado;
Floral & Decor: DT Floral & Decor;
Entertainment and A/V: Sole Power Productions;
Chairs: Detailz Chair Couture;
Glassware, linens, furniture: Chairman Mills;
Cutlery: Exclusive Affair Rentals