They say that anyone can pick up a camera and take stunning photographs, but when it comes to great event photography, we don’t think so. There are great pictures and then there are beautiful, perfect pictures; the kind you can only achieve through years behind the lens and a natural talent for the art of photography.

When it comes to event photography, there is a required skill set; an inherent talent for capturing that perfect angle and getting the shot that your client is going to love!

For Hayley Shandro, getting the perfect shot is something she was born to do. Haley and her husband Michael run Shandro Photo, a boutique wedding photography studio in Edmonton, Canada. The duo have been recognized industry wide, having won national and international awards (Fearless, ISPWP, PPOC, PWPC) but their strength is in the way they run their business. In addition to their photography, Hayley and Michael regularly speak across North America about their business philosophies, organization and keys for business success.

Besides being highly sought-after for their unique style of art, their clients love working with them. They bring their passions for food, travel, life and business into their work, and all of those combined make them addictive to be around and keep them driven to work hard for a life full of amazing adventures.

Random Facts about Hayley:

  • She is on the Board of ILEA Edmonton
  • She will do just about anything to get the shot.. Whether its climbing, ducking, crawling or flat out laying on the ground, she is constantly hunting that perfect angle
  • She is a self-professed workaholic; loves volleyball,  loves traveling and is mildly obsessed with Hawaii
  • Her wine of choice is Pinot Grigio

Check out their blog and gallery here and next time you need a speaker or a great photographer, be sure to give them call. You will be thrilled with the results!


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