Seven Fabulous Gadgets Every Planner Needs

Event technology and electronic innovations are not just for the show floor anymore. Tremendously unique and innovative tech ideas and gadgets are being created everyday for every area of our work, home lives and health care. Before we even made sense of the instruction manual for version V1, V2.0 is on the shelves. Sometimes it can hard to keep up and keep current. To help, we will be curating a list of our top picks for gizmos, gear and things you gotta get.


Digital Pens

A digital pen converts handwritten analogue information into digital data. It is discreet, uses real ink and writes on paper. The only difference between this digital pen and the pen in your breast pocket is the digitization of your pen strokes– every word, doodle, sketch, or scribble is converted to a digital page that is then saved to your PC or laptop. Never lose your notes again! Instead of carrying your heavy laptop, take this lightweight pen with you.


Projection Keyboard

A laser or projection keyboard is a type of computer input device whereby the image of a virtual keyboard is projected onto a surface.  If you use a smartphone or tablet, this laser keyboard is an essential gadget and is compact and small enough to keep in your pocket! You can now expand your work space just about anywhere. Imagine turning your airplane tray table into a virtual work space?

projection keyboard canadianspecialevents



Mini projectors are devices that enable the use of an image projector via a hand-held device.  Also known as pico-projectors, they can be attached to a mobile phone, camera or tablet and provide a convenient way to quickly project content on these devices onto any surface such as walls, notebooks, or trade show booths. These devices are awesome as a back-up to mobile AV and an impressive way to present something on the fly to a group of people at meeting or networking event.

Pico canadianspecialevents



Update your boombox and stop using your ipod, it is time to upgrade to JamBox. the chic wireless speaker from Jawbone, the mobile-lifestyle tech gurus. With an output capacity of 85 decibels and a huge 10 hours of continuous play this little box packs a lot into the elegant square minimalist exterior. It is Bluetooth-enabled and perfect for amplifying anything from laptop movies to pop up parties and intimate reception music. It also works as a speakerphone.


Nod Pod

The NodPod solves a real problem. When we fall asleep in random places, like on airplanes and in the car, our heads nod, and we temporarily wake up. One: this is annoying. Two: this hurts necks. The NodPod is essentially a head cradle. It prevents your head from bobbing and thereby lets you sleep more soundly. Speaking on behalf of the our staff, we may get a few sideways looks on the plane but we arrive refreshed and ready to go.


Lumo Lift

Posture is an important but often forgotten part of our daily lives. With plenty going on in our hectic  schedules, it can be a real challenge to practice the mindfulness needed to identify and correct poor posture. The Lumo Lift is a small, lightweight device that is worn just below your collarbone for posture coaching and activity tracking. With Lumo Lift, get gentle vibrational reminders for your posture whenever you slouch. Track your posture hours, steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned through the companion iOS, Android or Windows Desktop Lumo Lift app.



Real Time Weather Predictor

This may seem crazy but how many events depend on the planner being able to make a reasonably informed rain call? Now you can get a bit more accurate with real time weather data sent straight to your smartphone using BloomSky. The specialized Sky2 camera captures HD images every 5 minutes while also providing accurate temperature levels, barometric precipitations, and humidity readings. You can buy this system for $200.00 which is nothing for peace of mind.

weather camera system