SOS Web Augmented Reality

SOS is working with event organizers and producers to create commercial activations that will provide guests with an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience in virtual, hybrid, and live contexts. The idea for SOS WebAR first surfaced a few years ago when they were thinking about how to advance the branding for their SOS Charging Solutions, and it was nominated this year for “Big Idea of the Year.”

OS WebAR allows users to experience immersive augmented reality using just their mobile device’s web browser. It is a frictionless way to elevate event and brand activations and enhance the target market’s experience by bringing the real world together with a strategically designed virtual world. No goggles or glasses, just a scan of a QR code or a tap on a web link, and users start interacting with digital content in a physical setting.

The mission of SOS WebAR is to simplify how augmented reality can be deployed at events and for experiential marketing while removing complex barriers, such as:

  • The need for an app (development, updates, management, etc.)
  • Size and scope of projects vs the outcome of the experience
  • Prohibitively high costs.

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Good luck to SOS at the Canadian Event Awards Gala live from the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex on Sept 28, 2022. The CEA Gala is the last event of CSE Live 2022, EventFest, Canada’s premier event for Canadian event professionals and can be found here.

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