Imagine your company without its directory, telephone and e-mail system: how would you communicate? By chance in the cafeteria? How would you schedule a meeting? Wander the hallways looking at door signs until you find the person you need? While this would be an unproductive way to run a corporate campus, it is still a reality at most events.
Can we afford to hold events without having a professional communication system for the participants? Can participants afford to go to events that rely on random encounters and hierarchy as their only communication channels? The future starts at events. Let's make our events as good as they can be!
message_received290x200Spotme combines social networking via a searchable photo database, messaging, people radar, unique "Spotting" function and electronic business card exchange,
with personalized agenda, audience response, Q&A sessions, messaging, lead retrieval, attendance tracking, electronic feedback forms (and more)
to create the only all-in-one communication service for events of all sorts – from 200 to 5000 participants.

Serving events since 2001 and now in its 3rd generation, Spotme… opens new lines of communication and empowers people
is extremely intuitive – it takes less than 5 minutes to learn how to use. It is used at the highest-profile meetings in the world and is
is configurable and customizable to match any event's needs. Spotme delivers the highest feedback form completion rates with the least hassle for the organizer and includes the fastest photo-registration process. Spotme serves a broad spectrum of events and at an average event is used by more than 95% of participants, 20 times a day.


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