Spread Love : Azuridge Estate Hotel’s Luxury Wedding Contest

Wow, seeing how the Azuridge Estate team combined innovative experiential marketing with community outreach through the ‘Spread Love’ initiative is impressive. Congrats to the Azuridge Estate team for combining innovation, community outreach, and a dream team of vendors to create an unforgettable ‘Spread Love’ wedding experience. From the most viewed Instagram Reel to print features in Blush and Avenue Magazine, this wedding was indeed one for the books and a testament to the power of experiential marketing.

“While traditional marketing is essential in the event and wedding business, innovative experiential marketing where people can participate, observe and feel connected and inspired has become a way to stand out in the myriad of consumer information. 

Combining their desire to give back to the community, showcasing the depth of their wedding community partners AND continue the visibility of Azuridge Estate amongst leaders in the industry, the  ‘Spread Love’ initiative was born:  awarding a luxury all-expenses paid wedding to a deserving couple and allowing the public to follow the journey down the aisle via social media. 

A dream team of vendors was assembled, and the contest was launched on social media, with nominations of deserving couples sent to them via their website. The reaction was immediate, and nominations poured in for a wedding that was held on February 24, 2022

The announcement/surprise of the couple chosen (by the team of vendors) is still the most viewed Instagram Reel on @azuridgeweddings, with nearly 13,000 views. 

After 6 weeks of planning Jonathan & Jessica’s dream wedding, the public was on the planning journey, following along through our Instagram stories, reels, posts and vendor cross-promotion. Each vendor and their products were strategically yet unobtrusively spotlighted during this time. 

The wedding was a huge success, appearing in print in both Blush and Avenue Magazine, with visibility across social media and platforms.”