Sustainable Special Events

Think Green at Your Next Special Event

by Sharon Bonner


Contrary to what many people believe, cialis ‘sustainable’ doesn’t automatically mean more expensive. Especially with special events. Less waste can also mean more savings. Bright Ideas’ approach to eco-conscious events offers our clients a wide variety of options to make their event as earth-friendly as possible. We usually start by ensuring we divert as much waste as possible from landfills – recycling, composting, and finding alternatives to disposable items. Working with our vendors, we source eco-friendly food service ware, packaging and flatware. Through the use of electronic communications such as an event website, online promotion, invitations and registration we are able to reduce paper use. Bright Ideas can also assist with the purchase of carbon offsets if desired and can prepare cost-savings and environmental footprint reports, so that the benefits of going green can be measured.

Above all, we believe that sustainable options should be a choice… and a smart one at that. That’s why we try to focus on those environmental initiatives that deliver real world benefits rather than just green-tinted window dressing. For an excellent overview of the various ways you can minimize the environmental impacts of your next special event, this guide prepared by the non-profit organization Bridging The Gap has a wealth of information and suggestions for events both large and small. You can also access Metro Vancouver’s library of images and education materials, for signage and artwork you can use at your next eco-friendly event.

If you want assistance with an eco-responsible event, or need more information before choosing a sustainable special event, please contact us or take advantage of our easy-to-use quote request form. We’d love to help you find the best ways to incorporate sustainability into your next special event!