Take Your Seat

Take your seat; the meeting is about to begin after the lockdown is over. Let’s talk trends, and let’s fill the room.

Whether your meeting is small, medium or large, creativity whether virtual, hybrid or live is still top of mind when I think about the event industry. At the beginning of every year, while I was at the helm of The Idea Hunter, I would work tirelessly on researching the trends for event professionals that The Idea Hunter was doing business with. We would drive to clients’ offices and set up lunch and learns and get everyone around the table excited and energized. Some of you reading this will re-call those days and the fun we had doing it.

After 2 years, I have decided to bring the trends back to life, Cardinale Creative style. I have done a lot of research and reading and if you’re a fan, you will want to read Canadian Special Event Magazine, returning quarterly this month under the careful and creative hands of Ms. Stacy Wyatt. Remember how great those magazines felt in your hands? Glossy full-page images jumping off the pages, packed with content and visuals that we all hungered to see. Tune in and subscribe to get your copy. 

Let’s start with this image today. What do you see, and how does it affect you? When I first saw this image, I was fascinated. Why? Because it speaks to 2022. I love the setup, the various seats, the various colours, and the fact that for a younger generation of thought-provoking event professionals, this setup would appeal to their senses. It also speaks to the fact that we can’t get together this month but maybe we can next month. You have a choice to fill a room or not.

If you consider yourself creative, you understand that this pandemic is not the problem. The problem which existed prior to the pandemic is at the heart of the future. Unless you’re willing to try new ideas, listen to creatives who know that it will look and feel better, and take a risk, you will become extinct in no time. Being conservative may be your company’s protocol, but it’s your job to entertain new ideas that make your event one of the best of the year. Sometimes the smallest ideas can be the most effective. Stop worrying about who is coming, as your focus should be on how to make their stay extraordinary.

I love ideas, I love people, and I love sharing good content that helps change the conversation.

Heart-Centric Entrepreneur, Leader, Mentor, Changemaker, Visionary, Creative & Passionate. Janice Cardinale is President of Cardinale Creative, a content writer for MPI Global & United Colours of Design and the Associate Editor at Canadian Special Events Magazine. She is a sought-after public speaker on trends in the event industry. She has pioneered two businesses, Only Accessories & The Idea Hunter, both of which were sold successfully and has had an incredible 35 years in fashion, design and events.

In 2021, Cardinale Creative was built to give back to the event community as a way to pay it forward. At the heart of this business are the mission projects that Janice curates and executes to raise funds for student bursaries, mental & physical health and event professionals struggling since the pandemic began. Janice is a board chair for the Event and Creative Design program at Seneca College has served on many advisory board and association committees, including MPI both locally and globally. Her ideas gather attention from many in the event industry worldwide, and her love of events, people, and beauty continues to be her driver.

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