Really Cool Team Building & Slick Ideas with Iceculture

Summer heat to hot to handle? Try cooling down your next event with Ice Fusion Team Building!


A number of major corporations have had their staff take the ice fusing challenge. This is a fascinating team-building exercise which challenges teams to push the limits of a block of ice, testing its dimensions to produce a striking, recognizable image.
Ice fusing develops teamwork among members of a group and raises the competitive bar when several groups are engaged in the challenge.Ice fusing can take place inside or out and is just as exciting in the boardroom as in the great outdoors. Teams are given a short course in fusing techniques and are provided with the appropriate tools. The it's action, all the way.
Want chilling entertainment to wow your guests? Ice Carvers perform live demos that dazzle! When is the last time your live entertainment included a chainsaw?
Live ice carving displays are always well received. Corporate Christmas events and sales meetings are often the location for a live Iceculture performance. Even weddings have provided an opportunity for Iceculture carvers to demonstrate their skills.
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