The Enchanted Wedding by MB Events

When tasked with coordinating a wedding at the Maison Principale in Montreal, MB Events understood the importance of seamless collaboration among all suppliers to ensure a successful outcome. Despite the challenge of having only one day for set up, the team worked diligently to bring the Enchanted Wedding, A Dream Come True, to life. The event was a resounding success and was even nominated for the Best Wedding $250,000+ award at the 2022 Canadian Event Awards.

The Team of Montreal event professionals brought spectacular elements to this dream wedding design, such as the 18’ tall authentic tree trunk with thousands of artificial leaves, used as a Chuppah during the ceremony and the 15,000 fairy lights used to illuminate the space. A stunning curved silver Mylar aisle runner also set the mood and was used as a dance floor, was reflective with hundreds of pillar candles lit towards the Chuppah and set the room for celebration.

Once the ceremony was completed, that area was transformed in 70 minutes, with 50 staff on hand to work the magic; MB and their team of suppliers brought the reception to life. Two different styled tables were set up. Chairs used for the ceremony were re-assigned to each table. The florals completely flipped and upscaled the room with warmth and beauty, with hundreds of flowers placed inside the stunning acrylic 8’ tables, then covered with glass. Massive rose arrangements on top of the oval marble tables looked like they were suspended from the ceiling. Looking closely, clear acrylic stands were used, thus producing yet another wow factor.

Romantic, enchanting, stunning and alive with unique elements, this wedding integrated what was important to the client, their ties to friends and family, and their passion for celebrating this milestone event.