e-DMC, cialis an online B2B platform for the distribution of destination services today announced its partnership with Panther Production Company Inc (an associated company of Nasco Staffing Solutions), a leader in the event production, destination management, and staffing industry of Canada. 

Through their exclusive partnership with PPCI and Nasco, e-DMC will now have the destination expertise to service Do-it-Yourself (DIY) clients in British Columbia (including Vancouver and Whistler, home of the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games), Alberta, and Manitoba.  "The wealth of knowledge and expertise in the destination and event management field held between Panther Production Company Inc and Nasco Staffing Solutions makes the partnership as the exclusive Destination Expert in 3 provinces for e-DMC a perfect fit for all involved."

"e-DMC will allow us to better service our existing clientele as well as reach new heights in servicing the market as a whole" says Alex Bickers, Director of Sales and Marketing 
"As the Destination Expert in Western Canada for e-DMC, PPCI and Nasco will ensure users will get the best local expertise available while saving time and money as they schedule their programs at their own convenience online," says Wayne Beaubien, Founder of e-DestinAccess and the brain behind e-DMC. Online Distribution of Destination Services is fast becoming a hot topic for DMCs.

With players like Kuoni Connect going after the marketplace, currently valued at $100 Billion in the U.S. alone, individual DMCs will find it increasingly hard to compete in the DIY space.

Each month 250,000 people search for a "Meet & Greet" provider using Google's search engine; each month 750,000 people search for an airport transfer provider via Google; and each month almost 2 million people also search for teambuilding providers.

Those Do-it-Yourself planner purchase destination services without the help of a DMC.

With e-DMC, selected DMCs can swiftly and thus competitively market destination goods and services, and from a broader perspective, level the playing field with larger competitors.

According to American Express and MPI's report FutureWatch, the "DIY" market has a value of $100 Billion in the U.S. alone – estimated to be well over $300 billion worldwide.

And, as aforementioned, ALL of that business is bypassing traditional DMCs, into the coffers of the large DMC giants, the true retail DMC competition or alternatively, transferred to private "DIY" planners.

e-DMC is designed to give individual DMCs the opportunity to compete in the growing "DIY" market.

For more information, please contact Alex Bickers at abickers@nasco.ca or 604-683-2512

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