Trend Report 2015

After so many incredible events in 2014, we begin to take stock of prevailing event trends, separating the passing fads from the substantial strategies and concepts as we all make plans for 2015.

Thanks to the world of technology, music, movies, food, beverage and pop culture, there are solid trends leading the way so that enthusiastic event planners stay one step ahead of the competition and impress clients with their entertainment know-how. This new generation of entertainment pushes the boundaries of the “wow factor” into “new and daring” and attracts both a new younger audience of clients and vendors while exciting the older generation who have growing expectations of raising the bar on annual events.

Here are a list of trends that are here to stay.

Surprise Performances
“There is a great interest in live, surprise entertainment. That doesn’t necessarily mean celebrity entertainment; it could mean the right musician, the right magician, the right funky, guerrilla performance artist—interactive surprises that become living decor,”

countermeasure at Limitless 2014

Photo Booths 
As with most event-related social media platforms, I see too much of this type of technology being way underused. Just because you have an Instagram hashtag for an event, does not make your event a social media darling. I think 2015 is the year that folks actually figure out how to leverage true authentic R.O.I. out of these services instead of the goal being just a picture at a party.”

 pixel three canadianspecialevents

Performance shows, LED dance acts, blacklight performances and video mapping shows. There is a huge appetite for wow factor entertainment that uses technology to incorporate corporate messages, logos and branding.  In 2013 Pixel Performance made its debut at the opening night party for Tiff.  Pixel Performance light batons are cutting-edge programmable LED devices that use persistence of vision effects to display breathtaking graphics, text and logos.  Spun by one, two or three performers choreographed to music, this show will continue to be in demand in 2015.

For conferences coming in from out of town who are seeking entertainment, hiring local entertainment from the hosting city or company will become more and more popular as meeting planners look to create a memorable and homegrown experience

There has been a surge in popularity for A Capella groups who re-create songs by re-mixing the sound using their voices as instruments.

Instead of one big show, event planners will elect to have smaller vignettes of entertainment and or roving acts.

Ice Carving performances with live musicians will soar as event planners look for new ways to stay ahead of their competition.

Mobile Interactive iPad DJ’s who can take the music to the dance floor and engage guests in the experience of mixing their favourite song.


2015 will see more demand for Beat Boxers who are able to brand their voices and create music that is customized to the brand or event experience such as a product launch.

Customization and Personalization will continue to lead the way for corporate events looking for something new and authentic.  Branding is more important in 2015 than ever as clients look to attract new audiences.

Raising acts above the crowd for impact.  There is an element of surprise when you hoist an artist 15 ft. high off the floor to perform for your guests.

A List magicians who can manipulate magic, illusion and mentalism.  This year America’s Got Talent chose a magician by the name of Matt Franco as the winner.  His breed of close-up magic is replacing the traditional stage show that we have been exposed to for many years.

Dance crews that combine dance, acrobatics and aerial to projection mapping in the background.

 jessgo #1

LED light board speed painting.  We have all been exposed to canvas speed painters but seeing that same performance done on acrylic lit LED surface is powerful.

Sports-related entertainment will be dominant as we move into 2015 to show our city and the world that we are proud to host the Pan Am games.  Engaging popular homegrown sports celebrities will be in demand.

Just having returned from the Special Event Show in January in Anaheim and travelling south, I am filled with new ideas, inspiration, and stories, so stay tuned for the next post.

Happy Hunting

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Janice Cardinale is President of Cardinale Creative, a content writer for MPI Global & United Colours of Design and the Associate Editor at Canadian Special Events Magazine. She is a sought-after public speaker on trends in the event industry, has pioneered two businesses, Only Accessories & The Idea Hunter, both of which were sold successfully and has had an incredible 35 years in fashion, design and events.

In 2021, Cardinale Creative was built to give back to the event community as a way to pay it forward. At the heart of this business are the mission projects that Janice curates and executes to raise funds for student bursaries, mental & physical health and event professionals struggling since the pandemic began.

Janice is a board chair for the Event and Creative Design program at Seneca College has served on many advisory board and association committees including MPI both locally and globally. Her ideas continue to gather attention from many in the event industry around the world and her love of events, people and beauty continue to be her driver.

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