The PEI Experience

It’s the way the ocean air hit’s your lungs, the movement of the boat beneath your feet, the anticipation of a successful hunt, and the unique thrill of landing a giant bluefin tuna.

It’s the way hotel staff that greet you every day with a warm islander “Good Mornin”, the lack of pretension, and the space to breathe, think and connect with others that can only happen when we slow down.

It’s the taste of that first bite of locally-made red pepper gouda, oysters just out of the sea, and lobster tender enough to convert an Alberta rancher into a seafood lover.

It’s the way the soft, warm sand squeaks between your toes as you walk the Singing Sands beach and the bucket of beautiful dried starfishes you collected along the shore of the Brudenell River.

It’s the way your toes tap uncontrollably against the floor when the fiddle comes out and the sense of community born from shared joyful experiences you’ll never forget.

These are just a few of the things that make Prince Edward Island the perfect destination for your next event, meeting, or conference.  Over the coming months, we are going to tell you about some more of our favourites; including unique festivals, and beautiful locations, and introduce you to a diverse local food culture that has to be experienced to be appreciated because we believe we need to celebrate and promote Canadian destinations now more than ever.

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