The Perfume Bar by Aromachology

Supplier Feature - Aromachology - The Perfume Bar

As planners, we look for new ways to engage the audience by shaping their perspectives and appealing to their five senses, creating a unique, integrative and unforgettable experience they can brag about to their friends, family and colleagues. That is why the team at Canadian Special Events fell in love with The Perfume Bar by Aromachology and featured it at the CSE Live Toronto Expo and Canadian Event Industry Awards after party.

With the combination of a high-end scent boutique and a portable bar, The Perfume Bar treats guests to play with a wide range of scents to blend an aroma of their very own. Offering both a fragrance bar for women and a cologne bar for men, the fragrance “Stylist” provides guidance throughout the entire process and combines each scent into an aesthetically appealing bottle to take home.

Resembling the look of a science lab – but cuter, the fragrance bar is a perfect addition to bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and incentive programs that can be set-up in any given space, entertaining in an intimate setting such as an evening of cocktails with friends or a full scale event with a crowd of hundreds, enjoying a celebratory formal dinner

Offering a wide-variety of customization, the bar can be personalized to any event brand or sponsor from the labels on the perfume, to the bags, to the look of the bar itself. Aromachology also offers pre-made fragrances with custom labeling that can easily be integrated into the guest experience as swag without the use of the bar.

Tested as an effective element to any event, Aromachology has worked with brides, event planners, law firms, women’s networks, Destination Management Companies and Interactive/Experiential Agencies alongside corporate clients like Bell Media, Pandora, McDonalds, Cadillac.

For information, visit or contact them at 1-855-4AROMA5.