The Wedding Brunch

Even though Sunday brunch has come a long way from the days of warming trays filled with scrambled eggs and layers of sticky bacon, most people, until recently were not considering it a contender for a wedding meal; but today’s modern brunch weddings can not only hold their own,  they can be more cost effective than a traditional dinner reception plus they also offer an opportunity for a unique and fresh wedding day experience for everyone.

Here is what a creative wedding day itinerary looks like for a ceremony starting late morning:

A late morning would typically have guests arriving at around 10:30 a.m. Greet them with custom lattes and fresh mimosas.

Create a light and brunchy feel for your post ceremony meal with all the guests by offering traditional and modern favourites like strawberry french toast, pancakes and quiche. 

After brunch,  let guests go on with their day while the wedding party take pictures and then let the couple slip away for some private time to relax and refresh. 

The evening is a chance to change attire (think second dress!) and host or be hosted by family and friends at a smaller intimate meal with the wedding party.

Finally, end the evening with a party for your wedding guests and friends. Make it a non dinner event by starting at 8:00 p.m. and having a variety of seating options. Passed canapes or a light appie spread is a good idea if you are serving alcohol and don’t’ forget that this is where you present your wedding cake, give the speeches and toasts and have your first dance.