This Isn’t Your Dad’s Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chairs Canada feature built-in audio speakers and luxury fabric seating for comfort and style at your next event!

Move over chivari, there is a new chair in town and it’s taking the conference scene by storm. The newest trend in event, meeting and small team building event seating is soft seating. In all kinds of shapes, colors, fabrics and combinations, soft seating and easy seating, as they like to call it in the rental world, is hot hot hot! We love it. Instead of rigid straight back, uncomfortable, uninspired back support, why not try a fresh approach and give your guests the gift of serious comfort. While not advisable for eating, these chairs would be great for small brainstorming sessions, casual receptions and outdoor round the campfire style events.

Balina iBeanbag Chair. This chair is a must-have for tech-lovers. It combines a traditional beanbag with a state of the art music system. This beanbag puts out over 20 watts of sound with two speakers and a subwoofer. Sit down and plug in your iPod, X Box, PSP, etc. and you will be surrounded by sound! Comes in cream or silver.

Blobby iBeanbag Chair. Also sound ready, Blobby style audio beanbag is a bit wider with back support and a deep seat. Contemporary styling with contrast grey insert and a “seamed” look. Overall Dimensions: seat depth 18.5″, back height 30″, total depth, 32″, width 31″. Comes in red, silver, pink or navy.

Tweed Blobby is one of the lines’ most comfortable and popular chairs. The blobby provides full back support and a wide seat. This modern design will blend perfectly in all kinds of decor themes and specifically matches well with most hotel ballroom colors. Comes in orange, grey or red.

Adult Beanbag in Fur, is fun fun fun. It has a round shape and provides the perfect seat for lounging. It comes in ivory, pink and purple.


Years ago, when it came to ordering beanbag chairs, Canada was out of luck.  Today there are many service providers who can source these for you. Any of the top rental companies you already deal with can custom order these in, or to go direct you can try,, Beanbag Factory, Comfy Bean Bag Chairs.