Tranquility Cove Adventure

If you’re not leveraging the unique local experiences of the destination you’ve chosen to host your event, you’re letting your guests down. 

Tranquillity Cove Adventures Perry Gotell in Georgetown, PEI, offers a variety of experiences that let you get your hands dirty, immersing your guests in the local culture of eastern Prince Edward Island. 

Owner and Operator Captain Perry Gotell‎ is a 3rd generation lobster fisherman who has been on the waters of PEI most of his life.

Perry is a natural storyteller & the embodiment of the “Down East” charm; his first-hand knowledge of the local ecosystems is unparalleled.

Experiences offered include:

Starfish Hunts
In this one-of-a-kind 2-hour adventure, they’ll supply you with water shoes, a small bucket & a guide who will take you along the beaches of the Brudenell River, searching out these fascinating stars of the sea. You can also crack open a couple of wild mussels or oysters on the beach & with a little luck, you may even find some beautiful tiny pearls inside.

Giant Bar Clam Digging
Your day starts in the historic city of Georgetown aboard the newly renovated 45-foot lobster-style boat, the “Tranquility.” You’ll head out 8 km to the deserted island of Boughton, where the very best of the clamming grounds are located. 

Once collected, Perry will help you steam your clams on the beach, weaving tales & regaling guests with stories from when his father & grandfather lived on Boughton Island. 

On the return journey, you’ll haul a mussel sock, a rock crab pot, & a lobster trap, passing Panmure Island Lighthouse, the oldest wooden lighthouse on PEI & the local Harbour seal colony. Rick Mercer featured this experience on his show, check it out here.

Ice Fishing for Oysters (Winter)
First, I love oysters, so this is one I’d love to try myself. Winter is the ideal time to eat oysters when they are fat and juicy from their seasonal hibernation. Cool, I had no idea Oysters hibernated.

Once the Captain has cut a hole in the ice, you’ll scrape deep to the bottom, searching for delicious oysters. Then he’ll show you how to tong oysters, separate them, clean them, measure them & finally shuck them to eat, usually over a bonfire on the ice.

Deep-Sea Fishing & Pvt Charters
I’ve been deep sea fishing once & had a great time, however, make sure you’ve got sea sickness pills. I’ve been sailing & playing on Lake Ontario since I was a kid but being on the open sea is different, trust me on this.

Captain Perry will teach you to fish, then BBQ a feast right there on the boat. You could also upgrade this experience by designing a unique boutique deep sea adventure with Captian Perry or hiring a Red Seal Chef for the culinary adventure of a lifetime.

Author: Jason Koop is a writer, influencer, fan of Canadian event experiences, and the VP of Business Development with Canadian Special Events.  After more than 15 years in the apparel industry managing accounts for some of the world’s largest designers like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Vanity Fair Corp, Jason was ready for a change. Combining his relationship-building skills with his marketing background and his new love for events, he has built the largest following  of corporate event professionals in Canada for CSE and is helping to lead the brand to a new level of success.