We have the Whole World in our Hands

What is the meaning of “We have the Whole World in our Hands”?

As the title implies, humans are in control of all aspects of creation, and we should take comfort in knowing that in today’s world, there are many champions of the sustainable movement. In Canada, one of those champions is The Sustainable Events Forum, led by two very passionate women, Candice Tulsieram, DES, SEPC and Natalie Lowe, CMM, CRL.

If you are in the event industry anywhere, you may know the work that this organization has done over the last many years within the event industry. If you don’t and you care about having sustainable practices within your organization, venue or certification, this is a company you want to connect with.

TSEF was created to spark ideas and motivate people to action on environmental and sustainable initiatives for events. Over the last four years, they have organized forums around what is happening in events around the world and best practices that we all can learn from.

They align their efforts around four pillars: 

They are committed to learning from experts and each other.

They aim to work with many people as they work towards a healthy planet

They are inspired by others and, in turn, try to uplift and inspire others in the event industry and beyond.

To quote Paulo Coelho, “the world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” We must act to change things

Starting the conversation may seem difficult, but it’s easy when you align with these two incredibly hard-working women.

If you want to get started, call them, email them or watch how much they have done to change the narrative around this very important topic.

God Bless them both for their courage, persistence, and growth to help everyone in the event industry.

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Author: Janice Cardinale has been named a Woman to Watch, a Top 100 Entrepreneur by Smart Meetings magazine and a powerful woman by Reiimagine in 2022. She is a heart-centric leader, visionary, mentor and change maker. As an editor, facilitator and speaker, she talks about mental health and is leading the newly formed EVENT MINDS matter, a community for event professionals, building brave spaces to amplify the industry’s conversation on mental health. She is the board chair for Seneca College’s event management and creative design program and has opened up her own charity under the name of “Giving Butterflies.” Janice is passionate about global trends, human connection, and the future of events and people.