Wearable Technology Event Planners Will Love

Helix Cuffs by Ashley Chloe


While they’re not the first Bluetooth earbuds on the market, nor the first to focus on fashion, the Helix Cuffs by Ashley Chloe break new ground by it’s hiding function.

The Helix Cuff is available in a few different colors—white, black, and orange—and has a loop design that’s simple and fashion-forward. Powerful magnets on each loop are used to adjust the size of the bracelet, ensuring a quick, snug fit.

The headphones use Bluetooth 4.1 and smart multipoint connectivity to connect up to two devices at a time, remembering up to eight paired devices. The Bluetooth connection has a range of about 30 feet, and includes device control features similar to other Bluetooth devices.

If you’re already sold, the Helix Cuffs are up for pre-order on the Ashley Chloe‘s site, with a ship date set for March, 2016. The retail price is $199—or $299 for the gold edition

Wireless Charging Bag by Knomo

The average planner relies heavily on their mobile devices. But when that batter hits 5%, looking for an electrical outlet is the last thing on a planner’s do to schedule.

Thanks to London-based luggage designer Knomo, you can now charge your devices on the go with their Drop & Go bags with a built-in wireless charger. This bag features a pocket that contains built-in wireless charging, making it easy for users to charge their phones on the go.

The company’s exhibiting the new technology on a women’s handbag at the CES 2016 show, but it has promised to roll the feature out across an existing line of men’s and women’s bags in the spring.

The pricing and availability for Knomo’s Drop & Go wireless charging bag has not yet been disclosed.

iLi wearable translator

Travelling and communicating with international guests just got easier with this mini translation gadget. Tokyo-based  Logbar launched its iLi wearable translator that records words in one language and then audibly translates them into another.

This small and light device, which can fit easily on a lanyard, translates in real time with no Bluetooth or WiFi necessary. All  the user does is hold down a button and speak in one language, and then the unit audibly translates the words into another language.