Welcome to the Mall – Are you IN the Game?

If you can appreciate that V/R, A/R & the MetaVerse technologies represent an evolution of our current digital interactions, then it’s easier to understand the opportunity and hopefully a little less scary.

Today we use a computer, phone, or tablet to work, shop, date, learn, chat with friends, market our brands and connect with folks we’d otherwise never have a chance to meet.

Tomorrow, we’ll do precisely the same thing.

The difference will be the way we access and experience the internet

It will never replace real life; it’s not Skynet, but rather a natural evolution similar to the way television sets evolved from black and white to 60″ Hi-Def flatscreens

The better experience pushes out the other

Why would I call a friend on zoom when I can put on a headset and be transported to a small bar on one of Saturn’s moons.

Why would I shop in a 2d store when I can walk into a showroom and try the clothes on, talk to a clerk, or shop with a friend completely immersed in the environment

And why would I ever attend another digital event that I couldn’t step right into

If you’re afraid of the MetaVerse because it sounds scary, don’t call it the MetaVerse; think of it as the internet you can walk into, and you’ll begin to appreciate the size of the opportunity and the inevitability of this evolution

Like the internet, the MetaVerse isn’t one place; it’s many, many places accessible with the click of a button and (for now at least) a headset.

Early adopters will be rewarded because these technologies are growing exponentially.

How many times have you kicked yourself for not investing early in Google, Facebook (Meta), Microsoft, Bitcoin, or a million other ideas we scoffed at early on because we didn’t understand the concept

We’re at the very beginning of an evolution of experiences and technologies that will open up opportunities for people no matter where they live, look like, went to school, or whom they worship

Six years ago, when my friend Alan Smithson  and his amazing wife Julie Smithson founded MetaVRse, few understood what they were doing, but they stayed the course, and today, Alan and Julie are two of the most respected people in the game.

They’re also part of the rockstar team behind the Mall of the Metaverse that includes Paul Konieczny, Walid Abdelaty, Sergei S., Rich Boland, Corey Brooks, Stefanie Smith, Bob Gruters, and Scott Henry.

The Mall of the Metaverse is an opportunity I’m bullish on and will be talking about more over the coming months because it’s built on an experience that’s already familiar to us and because the technologies it’s built on will replace the current iteration of digital events entirely within the next three years.

Consider that if you’re planning a long career in the event industry,

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