Where is That Music Coming From?

Musician, Wedding Specialist and Corporate Entertainer

Where is that music coming from? That’s what guests always say when people enter the event space and are caught by the pure and melodic sounds of Elena’s music.
A master of three dazzling instruments, Elena’s musical style is as breathtaking as her image, with her versatile and unique live performances. From her stunning LED dress, LED violin and Swarovski electric violins to her angelic white harps and large snow globe. Elena’s versatility allows her to engage audiences from white tie formal galas to downtown millennial cool to sophisticated corporate events.

What’s wonderful about Elena is that she is 100% distinctive and there is no other act that compares her in Canadian corporate entertainment. It’s her uniqueness and ability to mesmerize guests with her beauty and music that creates an enchanted entertainment experience.

When guests watch her floating harp glide seamlessly across the dance floor while she sings and plays in her first full-length LED “northern lights” gown, cell phones light up and cameras flash. Elena is always one of the most talked about and photographed parts of the program.

“I’ve always enjoyed doing things a bit different and loved the Hollywood meets Vegas style of performing. The work that goes into designing my unique elements means that I can truly and confidently offer so many choices of performance.”
Everything I do is played live with wireless, cable-less technology so I can perform just about anywhere and clients love that!

To learn more about Elena and view some of her amazing performances, visit www.elenamusician.com or connect with her at elena@elenamusucian.com.