Wild Corporate Entertainment Beyond Your Imagination

These days it can be tough to impress your guests. We have seen it all, if not in person then on the big screen, on social media or in our inboxes where big ideas arrive everyday from our favourite blogs. If you’re struggling to find eye catching entertainment worthy of your events, look no further. Here are some unique entertainment ideas that will heighten your next event’s guests experience.

Bubble Artistry

Who knew blowing bubbles can be an art. All over the world you can find entertainers that take soap and water and create a show that will literally “blow you away”. Combining art with science, they transform a simple bubble into a beauty, bringing bubble media into a new artistic dimension for the masses.

Among those talented bubble blowers is Canadian entertainer Fan Yang, a 16-time Guinness Book of World Record holder and founder of the Gazillion Bubble Show. Housing a talented roster of entertainers that mastered the art, including his daughter Melody Yang, the show is known around the globe and will have your audience reaching to pop a bubble themselves.


The Human Slinky

Remember how the coils of a slinky would slip from hand to hand? The human slinky is a colourful and comical high-energy illusion. Adults will try to visualize exactly where the person is inside the costume while kids will love the quadruped slinky as it rolls, sprawls, spills and dances, making it an activation that is sure to turn a few heads.

Veniamin Shows puts a whole new spin on the human slinky concept with dynamic, out of the box performances. From slinkies with eyes on them to underwater themed skits, this act will intrigue audiences of all ages.

Interactive Entertainment is a Canadian service provider for the rainbow human slinky.  Take a peek below.


3D Videomapping Choreography

Interpretative dance and 3D projection mapping are a match made in heaven. As the technology develops, this pairing of 3D projection, inventive contemporary choreography, and an impressive amount of backstage dedication seems to be the direction international production companies are spearheading.

Freelusion Dance Company is one of the first dance groups to harness the technology, creating jaw dropping 3D performances. Winning over a dozen awards worldwide, they use visual effects and dance routines to make powerful performance art in combination with wildly different backgrounds.  Their performance at think.BDPST Conference was a stunning presentation.

TI Bots

The crowds love them, and really, what is there not to love about 10-foot-tall LED-lit robots? TI Bots are sure to impress your guests and brings a huge WOW factor to any dimmed event. Now add confetti cannons, CO2 guns, laser beams and LED belts programmed with your brand on it and you’ve got a show stopper! These guys can easily maneuver around crowds just as much as they can on stage and are highly customizable to suite your theme and brand colours.


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