Meet Mentalist Yan Markson

Yan Markson, a Canadian illusionist and corporate speaker, has a diverse background in clowning, acrobatics, and magic. His journey to fame began with his performances in Cirque Avaia and the Booff Show, where he showcased his comedic talent. Over time, Yan’s focus shifted to magic, particularly mentalism and mind-reading effects. In 2013, he reached a new milestone in his career with the creation of his incredible mind-reading spectacle called “ExperiMentalism.”

Yan’s deep understanding of human perception, persuasion, influence, and communication has made him a highly sought-after corporate speaker. He recently spoke at the University of Guelph’s TEDx event. His ability to connect with people personally has made his shows, performances, and presentations memorable and thought-provoking.

Yan combines humour, mind-reading, and illusion to engage his audiences and provide them with an entertaining and informative experience. He continues pushing his craft’s boundaries by developing new illusions and exploring new ways to engage his audience. With his talent, expertise, and passion,  Yan  Markson will continue to captivate and inspire audiences for years.

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