5 Ideas for Using Pinterest in Your Business

Pinterest is a free website and application that allows you to bookmark images you find on the web and put them in your “pin boards”. You can follow other users, comment on their pins and repin their images to your boards. Like any social network, Pinterest does require an investment in time. When I first joined Pinterest, I wanted to look for and share wedding inspiration with my clients. I am still surprised at how much it has helped with other things in my life such as fashion boards (which have inspired more than a few new outfits), simple cooking techniques, home décor ideas, exercise tips, craft ideas and entertaining inspiration for the holidays.

Here are 5 ways Pinterest can help your business:

1. Client inspiration boards. You can create a different pin board for each of your clients to pin inspiration photos and ideas for their wedding or event. This is a really easy way to create inspiration boards online that you can share with the bride, the floral designer, cake designer and other wedding professionals who are working with you on the wedding or event. You can also encourage your clients to create their own inspiration boards on Pinterest.

2. Business branding ideas. You can save patterns, photos, websites, logos and icons that inspire you. Even if you aren’t looking to re-brand your business anytime soon, it is really helpful to save these for future reference.

3. Increase your current business brand. Pin photos of your office and your team to increase brand exposure. To get more visitors to your Pinterest page, use your Facebook page and Twitter to promote your design ideas and inspiration boards that are on Pinterest.

4. Pin your own work. Just like Twitter and Facebook, you will get the most benefit when you interact with other users and pin from other sites. You don’t want to use Pinterest solely for self promotion however it’s perfectly fine to occasionally pin content from your own wedding and blog. I am surprised at the amount of website traffic we get from people who have pinned photos from our event planning website and blog.

5. Office inspiration and organization. Event planners are such creative professionals. The environment we work in influences our design, our style and our productivity. Use Pinterest for inspiration ideas to create a clean, creative, organized and inspiring work environment. You may be surprised at how much better you work.

article courtesy of plannerslounge.com