Specialty Coffee Bars Are a Hot Trend

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It is hard to find a wedding reception that does not feature a sweet treat candy station these days. More and more brides are looking for ways to make their reception personalized. In addition to (or instead of) offering their guests samples of their favourite, color coordinated confections, many couples are choosing to offer a specialty coffee bar after dinner.

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From DIY coffee stations to full on barista service, brides and grooms are serving up coffee beans with a personal touch. Specialty coffees from places the couple have travelled to, beans that reflect the cultural heritage of the merging families, and additives like nut and fruit flavoured liqueurs, sweet syrups, dairy and non dairy creams, a selection of course and fine sugars, molasses, chocolate dipped spoons and cinnamon sticks.


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If the weather will be warm and toasty for your reception and a hot beverage is not to your liking, you can also consider serving iced coffee as a refreshing alternative. Source out interesting straws and garnishes like maraschino cherries, mint leaves, orange slices, vanilla beans, crushed hazel nuts, candy wafer straws and shaved chocolate to compliment your chilled beverages.

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