Designing Trendz Warms Up Winter

A simulate campfire ignites the board room affair


Toronto’s Designing Trendz brings some heat to TO with their tropical-inspired holiday party. The event was created for HOOPP, ampoule one of the largest pension plans in Canada for their annual holiday party at which guests and employees of HOOPP theme their attire and are awarded prizes for their costumes. This event took place in their offices at so dramatic décor was required to ‘whisk” guests away from the office mindset to the warm tropical beaches where tacky Hawaiian shirts, Tiki bars, Surfers and White Sandy Beaches ruled supreme. Design elements included a thatched roof surf shop named for the CEO as Crocker Dude Surf Shop and picnic tables authentic to the surf styles of California. The inside wall of the room was draped in white sheers and with orange up lighting to give the room a soft sunset-like glow. At the opposite side of the space, a “le flame” bases fire pit was reconstructed and log stools were placed around. Daniel et Daniel created a delicious smores treat to complete the ambiance. The two bars were made of bamboo complete with a bamboo roof and accented with lifesavers and lanterns.

A custom printed beach backdrop complemented the DJ, a fun-loving “Big Kahuna” known on local radio as “The Bear” who also was the emcee for games such as Limbo and the Hula Hoop. His gear was set on a thatched table which sat on a wood dock and was decorated with palms and Tiki god statues. In front of the dock, sand was placed to create a beach and was accented with beach toys and sandcastles. Beach chair loungers were also used as additional seating and all the seating in the event space came complete with a beach towel.  As guests entered the venue they were leid and the CEO capped off the event by delivering his message from the lifeguard tower using a megaphone and the attention was gathered by a red lifeguard whistle.

It was a little bit of warmth and a whole lot of fun in the middle of a cold Toronto winter.


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