Get Dirty in the Kitchen -Vancouver TeamBuilding Idea



Groups looking for a different (and delicious) way to get to know each other a little better would do well to explore the offerings by The Dirty Apron Cooking School, located on Vancouver’s downtown peninsula. The school is one of Vancouver’s most unique venues, available for full facility hire, tailored hands-on cooking classes or bespoke dining experiences. There’s no better way to reward, unite and inspire a team of people than spending time together learning, tasting, having fun, and of course, cooking.

The Dirty Apron offers four different experience styles, offering many ways to get that apron dirty! For the full hands-on effect, their team-building activities turn up the pressure, while their in-depth cooking classes allow everyone to cook each course together before sitting down to dine as a group. For those looking for a more leisurely pace, the “demonstration dine” experiences leave the group to watch the dishes being demonstrated before enjoying them. The school can also host special events that use their unique space, which offers seated dining for up to 40 guests or reception space for up to 100. (courtesy of Vancouver Trade Talks, Tourism Vancouver)