Guess Who’s Joining the CSE team?


Guess who’s joining the CSE team?; She’s a trendsetter, an influencer, & a builder; She’s a leader, an entrepreneur, a friend and an inspired creative event professional and today, we’re proud to say, she’s the new Assoc. Editor of Canadian Special Events Magazine.

Join me in welcoming Janice Cardinale VEMM to the CSE creative team.

Janice has built a career identifying trends and nurturing talent. Her passion for leading-edge design and love for fashion is second only to her desire to give back, help those in need and make the world just a little bit better

Janice will work closely with our publisher to help steer the editorial direction of Canadian Special Events Magazine to develop meaningful and eye-catching content.

She’ll also be working closely with the event community to share your stories, lessons, learnings, and opinions with our more than 55k friends, fans & followers

”There is no better person on the planet to complement our growing creative team at CSE. Having been close friends and colleagues for over 20 years, I am obsessed with Janice’s style, vision, and ability to find the uniqueness and beauty in everything she sees. She is the secret weapon in our goal to build CSE Mag into the world’s most engaging and impactful event publication.”

Stacy Wyatt, President & Publisher, Canadian Special Events.