Meet the Idea Hunter



One of Toronto’s most creative innovators, Janice O’Bright, owner of Party Extras, has rebranded her unique and innovative business. This year as her wedding looms and she becomes Janice Cardinale, her surname isn’t the only thing changing. Party Extras is now known as the event industry’s Idea Hunter, and 2010 promises to be a big year. With years under her belt, Janice has made it her obsession to hunt and discover ideas that will bring a whole new level of fabulousness to her clients’ events.
In everything, she does, she is tracking the next “it” thing that will make the events she works on breathtaking. She decided to brand as the Idea Hunter because it’s a way for people to identify with her the way she sees herself. She wanted to separate herself from other entertainment providers because many of the services she provides have been created merchandised, and executed exclusively by her. When she first entered the event arena, she immediately saw an opportunity to reinvent classic activities into exciting, fashionable and interactive experiences for the guests. These ideas encouraged her to hunt for artists, performers, entertainers, products and much more.
Today she spends every day hunting for various ideas not only for her clients but also for friends and family and herself.
“I love hunting for new ideas, and that is what my clients love about me,” says Janice. “My goal is to continue to hunt for ideas that others crave and to reinvent ideas so that my clients are always getting the most out-of-this-world concepts – things that can’t even imagine.”
We asked her candidly where she wanted to be in 5 years? She replied, “ Teaching others the art of the hunt. Writing a book on the subject, having my TV series about idea hunting for events big and small, developing my own branded line of products that I have created from scratch that will be manufactured under the Idea Hunter label and sold in better retail stores as well as is used for event industry at large.
As you can see, Janice has big goals for her big ideas. We do not doubt that she will most likely achieve every one of them in five years. In addition to artistic imagination, she has one of the largest Rolodexes in the city., 905-707-9919