Poster Garden Makes it to the Oscars

Silhouette Optical’s set up in the celebrity gifting lounge will feature vibrant graphics on a Rollup Banner.

The bright lights of Oscar night will shine on PosterGarden when Silhouette Optical, an international manufacturer of high fashion eyewear, sets up its display in the gifting lounge before the 82nd annual Academy Awards on Sunday, March 7.

A customer of PosterGarden’s, Silhouette’s space in the celebrity gifting lounge will include a head-turning Rollup.
Banner with brilliant graphics printed on TerraPro. Silhouette’s display promotes their popular Titan Minimal Art line of eyewear, marking its 10th anniversary this year. Celebrities and press who attend the awards extravaganza browse their way through the gifting lounge, selecting goods to take home with them. The lounges are usually filled with everything from jewelry and electronics to clothing and stylish eyeglasses.
“It’s pretty exciting to think that one of our displays is actually going to be a part of such a high-profile event,” says Travis Rigby, President and CEO of PosterGarden. “We’ve always known that our displays can mingle with the best of the best, but this reinforces it for us.”
PosterGarden’s vibrant graphics and sturdy, simple portable displays are widely used at trade shows and corporate events. Still, they’re versatile enough to be used just about anywhere, including at the Oscars. Display options include banner stands, popups, tabletop displays, and many others. PosterGarden also offers an extensive line of green and sustainable display products.
The Rollup Banner that Silhouette selected is an easy-to-use banner stand that sets up quickly and turns heads with its full-colour, custom-printed graphics. And at the 82nd annual Academy Awards, where big-name stars like Morgan Freeman and Sandra Bullock will be out in force, there’s no telling just whose heads may be turned. “We’re looking forward to hearing about Silhouette’s experience at the awards and how our display helps them,” Rigby says. “This is a big deal for them, and obviously, they want to put their best foot forward. We’re glad they came to us to help them do just that.” For more information about PosterGarden, please visit
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PosterGarden heads to the 82nd annual Academy Awards in California.