Selecting the Event Platform That’s Right For You

By Melissa Deslauriers 

Chats, polls, registration, monetization, live, archive, and the list goes on. When it comes to virtual online events, there are many things to consider, especially when selecting a supporting event platform. The number of choices can be overwhelming, and no two are alike.

Just like events, platforms are unique.

We, at bb Blanc, have enjoyed the benefit of working with numerous platforms throughout the pandemic. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your event needs are met, working with your event platform or ours.

When it comes to taking your event online, there are a few things to consider.

What are you trying to achieve?

Does your event need all the virtual bells and whistles? Or do you simply need to broadcast a message to your audience seamlessly and professionally? If you are looking for a simple professional broadcast, a more cost-effective webcast solution could be a great option.

Do you need a Pre-event website?

If so, an event-specific landing page is a great way to market your event to all your attendees and provide all the details of what to expect. You can include various information about the event, speaker biographies, sessions, schedules, and, of course, registration.

Do you need Registration?

What type of registration does your event require? Do you need an intricate or simple registration? Do you already have your own platform? Both options are fine. At bb Blanc, our platform can link registration to your website or import data from your existing registration platform.

Virtual Lobby Options.

Some platforms feature more elaborate 3D lobbies and venue simulations. In our experience, we have found our customers have found better returns by investing in the overall production as it has proven to increase engagement. Many of our customers opt for a basic lobby that allows for ease of navigating to networking and session areas.

Session types.

How do you want your available sessions displayed to attendees? Our platform allows for various session formats, from your one-day event with plenary sessions and breakout rooms to your multi-day, multi-track sessions that can be tagged to the specific attendee or ticket types. All sessions are flexible in accepting streams from various studios or integrations with well-known platforms such as Zoom.

Is Interactivity a must?

There are various ways to increase engagement with platforms including, Chat, Q&A, Polling, Gamification and other Networking groups and rooms. If you plan to use all these features, make sure you allow yourself enough time in advance to plan out how to incorporate the options effectively. While entertaining, if you aren’t sure what analytics you hope to gain from polling, then perhaps it’s a nice to have, not a must-have.

Sponsors & Tradeshow.

Do you require this as part of your event? If so, consider a platform with various areas for sponsorship exposure from your pre-event website all the way through to your virtual event platform experience. Giving all stakeholders an area to shine is key to a successful event.

Branding options.

What are your expectations on branding? Our platform can handle various options with logos, banners, icons, custom Pantone colours and other simple but effective options. Additional customized options are available. As with all options, the more time available, the better the outcome of the add-on.

Event Communication.

In the virtual online event space, we can’t set up a speaker in your lobby to ask guests to make their way to the ballroom for the Keynote session; however, we can communicate will all attendees instantly through various push notification options ensuring everyone kept informed on what is happening before and during the event. In fact, given most people have become accustomed to alerts on their devices, this may be even better than the previous audio system announcements.

As with almost anything on the production side, there are always more available add-ons. We know you need to select what is best for you, both in terms of the experience and what you can realistically prep for. Producing an event on a platform takes time in advance of the event to be organized and ready. Understanding your end goals and metrics is key.

With online events evolving every day, there will continue to be many options to choose from. Work with suppliers who can guide you through the best solutions for your needs. We selected a platform that delivers our customers’ most requested features, ensuring it supports their event needs.

We invite you to connect with us for more information or a personal demo.

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