Staging Supremacy

floating stage 7

It all began in 1946 when the city of Bregenz needed a venue to host their first annual performing arts festival.  The city did not have any theatres, but they did have a beautiful shoreline along Lake Constance and in an act of pure brilliance the legendary staging of Bregenz was born.

That first year the 10 day festival was presented on two anchored barges, one acting as a stage, the other a platform for the orchestra.  Ten days turned into what is now an annual two month celebration of the performing arts with 100s of events and those two barges have now become literally the world’s stage.

The Seebuhne (floating stage) is one of the most creative, spectacular and logistically challenging platforms in the world.  A new stage design is created every two years, each time, increasing in its technology and complexity. Each stage must stand up to freezing temps in the winter to the blistering heat of the summer, not an easy task considering it is built over water which itself freezes solid. All of the dressing rooms, the orchestra pit, the mechanical rooms and all the back stage technical spaces must be housed inside the stage itself and to add to the challenges, each stages must be at least three times larger so as not to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the lake.

This unique collaboration of event technology, set design and architectural feats combine to create an immersive experience that draws the audience from around the world to witness its grandeur.

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