SkyView by Afficom




Skyview from Canadian based Afficom is a brand new media format; it’s a like a giant floating T.V. with a wealth of static advertising space all around. Hanging, standing or helium-filled for “floating” indoor-outdoor presentations, the unit uses rear-view projection to display graphics and video. Sizes range up to 20 ft. with 17-ft. screen and three-projector capabilities to simultaneously play images on all sides.The spheres come in various shapes, colors  (the white round is so space-age retro cool, though) and sizes that range from 6 to 17 feet and with single and multiple screen options on which it is possible to broadcast videos, images, flash animations, Powerpoint presentation or even live events.


The screen is a High technology rear projection and DLP/LCD projector inside the balloon and it can be run in HD and even wirelessly by RF technologies. It can be installed in multiple ways. It can be hung, installed on a stand or even float if inflated with helium. Its offer the simplest of installations, most of the units can be installed in less than an hour and it can be moved easily and can be installed anywhere inside or outside. A3 meter unit weights 35 pounds and fits in a 32 X 22 X 22 inches bag.

Skyview can be identified in different ways giving a 360 degree of branding power to the sponsor. Combined with the visual from the screen, promotional values are maximized. Skyview has been used in different corporate events, promotional campaigns, trade and fashion shows, concerts, etc.  Check it out at