Glisse on Ice Custom Shows


Create a unique, one of a kind experience and wow your guests with a custom designed figure skating show in the middle of  your corporate event or wedding. No matter what the event or setting, Glisse on Ice will enchant audiences of all ages. These innovative and thematic shows are so spectacular your friends, family, and guests will certainly be surprised and delighted with an experience they’ve never had before.

The Glisse on Ice Portable Synthetic Ice Surface is designed  for rapid setup and take down allowing for ice shows to take place in virtually any space and any climate or environment; from a +35 degree summer festival to a glorious 5 star hotel ballroom  or a backyard party.

In addition to skating shows, you can also turn your own guests into skaters. Glisse brings the joy of skating to your event, complete with skates and all the gear required to offer the total on ice experience. If you are looking for a more developed show or accent performers for the entire event, they also offer many unique acts ranging from acrobats to exhilarating dancers. Things really start to heat up on the ice with their  one-of-a-kind burlesque act, vaudeville and cabarets inspired shows.

Founded by Chantal Fry, a Toronto-born professional figure skater and performance artist, Glisse on Ice is a culmination of her love of the cool wind and freedom of movement and her passion for performance. After completing four golds under Skate Canada, Chantal set off to the performance world with “Innovations on Ice.” She then toured with “Holiday on Ice” in Europe, the “Lido de Paris,” the “Cirque du Miroir” in Montreal. In 2000, she created “Glisse on Ice” in Marseille. Using her experiences as a competitive skater, eight years of classical ballet and jazz training and a background in dramatic arts, Chantal has turned Glisse on Ice into one of North America’s most unique and enchanting event entertainment companies.