Personal Camera Captures Live Events

Documenting your life via Instagram is fine.  But you still miss so many moments on account of you having to live your life rather than snap photos all day.  Not to worry, though, the Autographer will cover the rest.

Designed to hang from your neck, the camera will take shots autonomously, capturing special moments while you go about your day.  It's not going to take stills randomly either — instead, it uses a bevy of electronic sensors that alert it to the likelihood that it's staring right at a Kodak moment.

Billed as an "intelligent camera," the Autographer uses data from an onboard magnetometer, accelerometer, thermometer, infrared detector and a color/light sensor to determine whether the conditions are ripe to be photographed.  We're not exactly sure what criteria it uses to filter that data out, but they supposedly tuned the algorithm so that it will only take a picture when something "interesting" is detected.

It uses a 5.0 megapixel sensor paired with a 136-degree semi-fisheye lens, allowing it to capture a wide scene.  Features include 8GB of built-in storage (good for 2,000 shots), built-in Bluetooth (for wirelessly offloading  images to your phone), a manual shutter (so you can take pictures yourself) and a downloadable smartphone app (where you can monitor battery levels, as well as sort and tag images).

We love this for planners wanting to document their event set ups and backstage stories or a gazillion other event uses.