When ILEA throws a party…..

When the International Live Events Association (ILEA) throws a party and invites the world to attend, you can count on Canadians to represent and this year, at ILEA Live we were out in full force, proving once again, Canadian event planners are among the best on the planet!

The conference and awards were held in the heart of Texas, at the JW Marriott in Austin. Many Canadians attended and survived the sweltering heat to network, learn and bring home the hardware at the 2016 ILEA Esprit awards.
LR Nick Borelli, Kate Patay, Myself Kevin White,Larry Green, James Morgan Bottom lrToni Griggs, Kelly White, Tara Sweeney
L-R, Nick Borelli, Kate Patay, Aaron Kaufman, Kevin White, Larry Green, James Morgan,
Toni Griggs, Kelly White, Tara Sweeney.

Nick James Borelli, International Marcom Chair at ILEA-The International Live Events Association and President / Strategist at Borelli Strategies who is not Canadian, but a huge force in ILEA shared his thoughts on the success of the events.

While I attend quite a few industry conferences, ILEA Live sets its self apart due to its emphasis on community. These are the kool-aide drinkers who know that the industry can only advance through collaboration, sacrifices and the efforts of volunteers.”


Highlights of the event included the high level networking, Canadian singer Jenn Beaupre performing @ the SEARCH Foundation Gala, Canadian Tech Genius Alan Smithson showcasing Metavrse and the sweep of Canadian winners at the 2016 Esprit Awards. The SEARCH Foundation was formed in 1997 to assist special event, meetings and hospitality professionals faced with a life threatening illness. Since that time the foundation has expanded to include not only illness, but also any catastrophic occurrence. It is a critically important and hardworking organization run by volunteers who dedicate hundreds of hours to ensuring the foundation remains strong and is there when and if it is needed.

The event, called a Shot of Adrenaline (to the heart…)  was a tribute to the films of Quentin Tarantino, far exceeded its fundraising goals and netted over $30,000 for the foundation.

At the Esprit Awards, Canadian event professionals were incredibly successful. This year’s award recipients include:


The best way to sum up the experience is with this quote from Kimberly Beaune, President, Creative Twist Events, Toronto and Board Member of ILEA Toronto ” ILEA Live was great!  Two inspiring days of chapter leadership, two fantastic days of event industry focused education, multiple parties, and most important … reconnecting with friends and expanding my ILEA family”.