The qualifying period for the first annual awards program is January 1, 2018 to September 1, 2019. All entries must refer to activity in this time period. The entry portal will be open from July 152, 2019 to September 12, 2019.

  1. When you are ready, click here to go the entry portal. Once in the portal, complete contact details and ensure your email is correctly entered.
  2.  Choose your categories. Choose ALL the categories you will enter as you will pay for all of them during this step. 
  3. Submit payment for your entries. Once you have completed the registration form and chosen all the categories. You may return until the submission period ends to update or edit your entry.
  4. After you have registered and submitted payment, you will immediately receive an email with a link to your unique entry portal and a personal PIN. You will use this PIN to access your portal and enter your events. All your chosen categories will be linked and listed in this portal waiting for you to complete.
  5. Each category has an entry form. You can fill-in, edit and submit the entries at anytime during the active entry submission period. You can also come back to it at anytime until the deadline. Once the deadline has closed your link will no longer work and you cannot edit any longer.
  6. FOR JOINT ENTRIES: When you are choosing your categories from the category list, please choose the item ” ADD Joint Entry” to your order. Add one for every extra entrant on your application. So, if you have yourself plus two others, choose 3 joint entries. You will be charged for each one. Once you get your PIN and are in your unique portal you will “assign” your joint entrants to the correct category. Category Guide
  7. Enter as many categories as you like, however, you must change the title, change the 100-word summary to reflect the category and it is suggested but not mandatory that you tailor the entry content to the category to allow for the best judging outcome. All attachments must be renamed to the category name as well.
  8. For detailed category criteria please review the judging and entry criteria listed in the category list


Each category has specific requirements for the documents and pieces you need to submit. Please go to the entry form for your category and there you will find the requirements. We also recommend you review the category judging criteria on the main categories list.

  • Opening Statement (300 words)
  • Main page image
  • Description Paragraphs – refer to the entry form for specific questions to answer for each category (Maximum 1000 words each)
  • Marketing materials/charts/drawings/artwork/any extra documentation – if applicable
  • Uploads – files to support your entry- if applicable
  • Gallery of images (CANNOT be over 3 MB each. You may embed images in PDF but document size cannot exceed 15 MB and you still must submit MIN 5 – MAX 10 JPEG images).
  • Video (if applicable)
  • Links to websites if applicable


  • A separate entry must be submitted for each submission. 
  • The full amount of all entry fees for each entrant listed must accompany your entry package.
  • Budgets are not displayed and are kept confidential – if applicable
  • Judges decisions are final
  • DO NOT embed images into a document unless you can keep the doc file size very low. Otherwise, the server will reject it.
  • Name your attachments correctly: Company Name – Award Category If you avoid using your name and category in the file name we cannot sort it.
  • Choose images that make sense.
  • Try to avoid the last-minute rush… it helps our server out.
  • NOTE: Entries become the property of Canadian Special Events Media Group and may be published in Canadian Special Events, or their associated websites.


  • Pricing is $125 for each entrant.
  • Joint entry fees: Every additional entrant (Joint entry) is an additional fee. Example: ABC Venue + ABC Event Company want to enter for Best Marketing Launch. This = two entrants. So when registering Sally Jane Events would