EventMobi Launches Advanced Designer

The world’s leading event technology platform, EventMobi, just launched Advanced Designer, a new feature that gives event organizers unprecedented branding and visual control of their apps.

EventMobi is the first event app provider to offer advanced custom app designs in real-time. Think WordPress of event apps. Event planners and marketers are tasked with designing memorable experiences. While they have control over their event design, they’ve been limited by what they can do with their event app.

Most event apps on the market have limited visual customizability, making it difficult for event planners to match the visual branding of their event to their event app. As a result, many event apps end up looking identical! Not any more, Advanced Designer allows organizers to offer a truly unique mobile experience for their attendees at a fraction of the cost of fully custom apps. Part of EventMobi’s revolutionary App Design Studio, this new feature empowers event organizers and designers to create custom designs for their apps in the same way they’d create a custom website. Any web or graphics designer with knowledge of CSS is able to make changes in real-time to the event app design directly through the content management system of EventMobi platform.“As more events leverage advanced technology like event apps to enhance attendee experience, it is essential that event marketers and planners are able to maintain consistent brand control and design across offline and online experiences at their events.

Being able to have this level of design control on event apps is critical to corporate events and specifically for third party event agencies tasked with creating unique digital experiences using event apps,” says Bob Vaez, CEO of EventMobi.

The EventMobi platform was named “2016 Best Event App” at the Event Tech Awards in London on November 9th. More than 12,000 event organizers and marketing professionals have used EventMobi to create event apps. For more information on EventMobi’s suite of products for the end-to-end event experience, visit http://www.eventmobi.com/