DUB- Say Goodbye to Business Cards

The easiest way to exchange contact info

When you and another person open the DUB app on an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android and click the locate button, DUB will find both of you and prompt you to exchange info. The contact information is saved directly to your mobile address book.

If the other person doesn’t have DUB or is in the next city instead of next to you, just type their email address or mobile number and push send. They’ll get a message with your contact info and a link to create their card. Once they do, your info is saved to their mobile address book and theirs to yours.

dub sample instructionsIt’s super easy and its always current. All your DUB contacts appear both in your existing mobile address book and under Contacts in DUB. Any time any one of your contacts updates any field (phone, email, address, adds LinkedIn, etc.) in DUB, the update is automatically made on your phone’s existing address book and under Contacts in DUB. You don’t have to do a thing!

Your back-up

Phone meets an untimely death or disappears? Just download DUB to your new phone and all your DUB contacts return to your mobile address book and under DUB Contacts.