Eco Friendly Paper Customized for Event Applications

Here’s a way to make your next event more green: Gift bags made of TerraSkin, an eco-friendly paper fashioned from mineral powder and non-toxic resin.

TerraSkin is a combination of large amounts of mineral powder (>75%) with a small quantity (<25%) of non-toxic resin combined to create an environmentally friendly paper. TerraSkin has very similar characteristics to traditional paper with a tensile and tearing strength ratio of 1:1 – 2:1. It also has many eco-friendly characteristics.

First, the production of TerraSkin requires no water, so the TerraSkin papermaking process incurs no water pollutants.

Second, as TerraSkin contains high proportions of inorganic mineral powder, when the end user is done with the TerraSkin product, the used paper start to will degrade back into mineral powder in 90-120 days when put in an environment of heat, moisture and UV light. If preferred, used papers can also be incinerated safely as non-toxic resins will not emit smoke or poisonous gas by-products. On the production front, residues of inorganic mineral powder can be either reused or safely returned to nature.

Most importantly, in producing TerraSkin, the harvesting of trees is unnecessary, thereby safeguarding the natural environment’s beauty and biodiversity for all living beings.

Along with all of these sustainable advantages, TerraSkin also has beautiful printing capabilities and a unique texture and feel. Because the paper is fiberless, it does not absorb ink like regular paper and also uses 20-30% less ink than regular paper. Images stay much crisper and cleaner because the ink doesn't bleed.  TerraSkin is water- resistant and inherently strong and durable.

TerraSkin requires no trees, water or toxic bleaching, and needs less energy to produce than fibre-based paper.
Bags can be customized with logos or messages. Since TerraSkin is fibreless, it uses up to 30 per cent less ink, and images stay much crisper and cleaner, since the ink doesn’t bleed. Minimum order is 5,000.
From final design approval, it’s 90 days, for production and shipping of the finished bags to Canada.