Finally! An APP That Creates One Guest List


Supplier Highlight - Boomset
It is hours away from the event opening and you are looking at multiple guest lists from several different registration platforms. Have you been there? What planner hasn’t. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have all those lists condensed into one with a few easy clicks? Well, there’s an app for that!
Thank to Boomset, you can connect and SYNC your guest lists from event platforms like Eventbrite,, Constant Contact & many more. You can even upload your spreadsheets from Excel directly to the Boomset app. How simple is that?

Supplier Highlight - Boomset 2

Even better, the app allows you to use mobile devices instead of pen and paper to check-in your guests at your events on your iPad, iPhone and Android devices. It’s a faster and more reliable process that helps you keep the lines short and guests satisfied. It’s a one-stop location via your smart device!