Get ready for the best team-building experience of your career!


You’re on a quest to find the uncommon team-building event, where there’s excitement around every corner and each team member is inspired and challenged. Discover Geoteaming™, the innovative corporate team-building adventure based on the sport of geocaching. Equipped with your cunning and the coolest high-tech toys – GPS receivers, Pocket PCs, two-way radios, and digital cameras – you and your team strike out on a fun-filled mission to find hidden caches. It’s a treasure hunt where the riches you take away are more than just prizes – they’re transformational lessons that apply to how your team works in your company environment.

What is it?

Geoteaming™ is a team-building experience that combines the latest technologies with outdoor adventure to create a high-tech treasure hunt. Based on the international sport of geocaching, Geoteaming is a unique and exciting adventure for your team. This is a team-building experience that creates a business simulation, allowing your team to explore new relationships and challenge old ways of thinking. Your team will test their communication skills, build trust, and sharpen their competitive edge. The gains you make continue even after you leave the event, because the facilitated debrief highlights your group’s insights and successes that you can use in the workplace for lasting change.

Where Technology Meets Adventure

The Geoteam staff create a high-tech experience by using the gadgets most people love to get their hands on – a GPS receiver, Pocket PC, two-way radio, and digital camera. Splitting into teams, participants decipher visual and written clues to chart a course through this high-tech treasure hunt. It’s up to your team to design and execute a strategy that achieves both the team and company objectives.
Geoteaming is fast-paced, high-energy fun, where every minute counts as you race against the clock. The miles and feet tick off on your GPS unit, bringing you closer to the hidden cache. When you find the cache, your team lets out a shout, and you snap a photo to document your success. There’s no time to catch your breath, because you’re already heading off to the next cache.

We liked the idea of Geoteaming enough to share it with our readers.  Our staff thought it would be a great way to get groups interacting, it immediately builds rapport and what a perfect way to start your conference off with this as your first morning event. Not only will it foster team work and collaboration, resulting in more effective conferences; it also allows people to get into a clear mind set before taking on the task of learning and absorbing two or three days of information from your conference agenda or speakers.

It’s a new, innovative and high tech scavenger hunt on steroids. We give it two thumbs up!

Have client – will travel! check it out for your next event