Karaoke Reality

Karaoke Reality™ is a unique concept offered to corporate event professionals, bars and activity leaders in resorts, hotels and cruise ship. This innovation allows users to choose a song and perform it live on a large screen in a video clip, on the world’s biggest stages, in front of a cheering crowd. The user takes the personality of the chosen artist, then receives a souvenir performance via e-mail, by video messenger or on DVD. Users of all ages will be charmed!

Easy to operate, Karaoke Reality™ is a profitable concept requiring a minimal investment, without royalty fees, that will arouse a contagious enthusiasm. In addition to entertaining your clientele, the Karaoke Reality™ software application allows you to integrate your own sponsors. What a simple way to combine business with pleasure!

Karaoke RealityTM, an innovation that will distinguish you from your competitors, a winning investment. Check them out at www.karaokereality.com