Put Your Event In a Bubble

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Introducing the CrystalBubble collection distributed by CasaBubble, a unique approach to temporary leisure accommodation,event venues and luxurious environments just about anywhere. Created by French designer Pierre-Stéphane Dumas, CasaBubble offers a full range of Bubbles for your private or business events. They install directly at your event location and can be heated or air conditioned.

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CasaBubbles are perfect for a full range of indoor and outdoor events including:  imagine using it for private conversation pods at a trade show, or a yoga /meditation room at a convention, a V.I.P. cocktail  lounge or for a cozy dinner under a starry sky. The possibilities are truly endless.

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Fully Modular Concept 

All bubbles are connectable and the opening diameter is the same, whatever the model.  You can use a combination of several bubbles to invite a large number of guests, for a lovely lunch in a field, or to create a spacious dance hall with a view. Not only will it make a big impact on your friends, clients or collaborators, but it will also allow them to spend quality time in an unconventional atmosphere.


How Big Do You Want Your Bubble 

Cocoons are available in various sizes, depending on the model.

CrystalBubble: 11’ or 13’ diameter, up to 16’ ½, 20’, 23’ and 26’ diameter for events

BubbleRoom: 11’ or 13’ diameter

BubbleDrop: 13’ or 15’ ½ diameter

BathroomBubble: 9’ diameter

BubbleLodge: 13’ BubbleRoom and 9’ bathroom bubble

GrandLodge: two 13’ bubbles and a 9’ bathroom bubble

The CasaBubble can be found here