Event Mobi

Mobile Event-Guide for
Venues, Events & Conferences

EventMobi is an interactive mobile app that takes the experience of attending events to the next level. Easy to create, easy to use and cost effective, EventMobi is the mobile solution of choice for Venues, Festivals, Tradeshows and Conferences.

Creating an event guide has never been this easy before. Effortless data integration and online content management (agenda, speaker bios, sponsors ads, maps, polls, etc), with instantaneous update on your attendees mobile phones.

Interact with your delegates using polls and surveys integrated within EventMobi guide for your event. Collect general event surveys, or use real time results to influence seminar content, get delegates engaged or facilitate discussion based on participant feedback

Give sponsors new advertising opportunity to enhance branding & exposure. Generate revenue by offering mobile banner-ads and enhanced exhibitor-listings on EventMobi. Mobile marketing for events using EventMobi is interactive, effective, and measurable

Use the power of social media to help your delegates connect with each other before, during and after the event. Simple delegate bios, profile pictures and social media links allow for effective networking between speakers, delegates and sponsors.

Help your event become more eco-friendly. Reduce waste and minimize printing costs by moving your event guide and exhibitor brochures to EventMobi. For attendees there is no more flipping paper and no need to carry a tote bag full of printed material

What that means, is that as more people carry around phones that are connected to internet (such as the iPhone or Blackberry), there is less of a demand to print pages of information as hand outs at tradeshows and conferences, which in less than a day ends up in a trash can.

We have essentially created a viable, affordable option to reduce paper waste using mobile apps, while enhancing the way sponsors and organizers provide information to attendees at events.  Most recently NetChange a conference that was held at MaRS Collaboration Centre in Toronto was able to put this to test and go completely paperless. Although this may not be practical for all events, it is never too early to start phasing in this transformation for any event.

Event Mobi is featuring a new CSEME APP designed specifically for our conference in March. Download it now to your smart phone, i-pad or laptop at www.eventmobi.com/cseme and stay up to the minute with CSEME.