Camping, Glamping & Indoor Bonfires

glamping in style for events canadian special eventsWith summer coming to a close, our thoughts turn to the final days of S’mores, Scavenger Hunts and spending time around the campfire.

What’s not to love about  camping? But, if your guests are at a conference on a long weekend they can’t get out to camp so why not bring the camp to them? Camping Ambience, whether a corporate or private affair, is an event experience that almost all guests will love. It can be high end and luxurious or kitschy and “campy” and the best part is that you can do it on any budget.

Can’t create a real fire? Set up a simulated fire using lights, fans and fabric or a paper flame fire. Add some log benches or stumps as seating around the fire.  If you are inside, ask your AV company to simulate the Aurora Borealis on the ceiling for a real northern Canadian experience.

Crafts are a huge part of camping and bring back great memories for conference attendees.  DIY Terrarium is a fun keepsake for guests of all ages.  Other take away gift ideas include flashlights, glow sticks, fishing tackle, compass, first-aid kit, water canteen, thermos and wooden disks used for coasters/pendant/ornament that guests use a wood burning tool to burn in their monogram or custom design. For activities, roast marshmallows, bring in a real life ghost story expert or “ghoster” turn down the lights, let your AV company have fun with projections and get your guests totally spooked out. If scaring your clients half to death is not on the top of your list, try engaging them in modern takes on popular kids crafts like beading or making bracelets or making survivor kits.





Cook up some chow! Campfire chilli, roasted hot dogs and baked beans, corn bread, squirrelly trail mix, ants on a log, root beer, kettle popped popcorn and classic to contemporary s’mores. There are endless recipes to whet your guests appetite and fortify them for a hike in the woods (or a lengthy meeting).

Camping events for indoor conventions and parties can range from one hour mini breaks with some activities and camp style food, to full glamping inside a convention facility or on the grounds of a high end outdoor venue. Imagine if your opening night event lasted until morning and you could host your guests for dinner, entertainment, a late night bonfire with ghost stories, then send them to bed in luxe accommodations (yurts) and then treat them to a real campfire breakfast the next morning before sending them to their hotels to freshen up before the big meetings begin. That would be some kind of experience, especially for incentive programs where guests are coming from countries where they do not get the chance to truly experience the great outdoor like we do in Canada.